Flint Juventino Beppe is diagnosed with Aspergerīs syndrome and Touretteīs syndrome.

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Can you see it in my eyes - that I have Aspergerīs syndrome?

I am thinking and thinking. And thinking.
Ever since my childhood, I have been living without a Ŧfilterŧ; something to sort out impressions in a hierarchical order. For me this is completely natural, because I do not know of any other ways to live. As a child, I felt that most of other children and adults behaved very different from me, having totally different interests or lacking the desires similar to what I had. I was alone. But being alone is not the same as being lonely. I existed in my own world, but found a lot of euphoria in a few, but powerful interests. 

Having had the Touretteīs syndrome diagnose for years, it took me 38 years to get the additional Aspergerīs syndrome diagnose, after someone came up with the idea that Aspergerīs syndrome could be the reason to all my inexplicable episodes through the years. Aspergerīs syndrome is a relatively new diagnose, and I can imagine a number of "outsiders" and artists throught the years might have had it, too. But Aspergerīs syndrome is not an illness; it is a syndrome within the autism spectrum. It has its good sides, too.

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Asperger, Tourette and Art - Tightrope Walking beneath heaven

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Published February 25, 2013

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