«Little Ida» is a song to the freedom of speach. And to the freedom of thought.

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A little girl who made a big impression

«Little Ida» might be small, but the meeting with her made a big impression which hours later resulted in a new song.
One dark and difficult day back in 1994 when I was sitting at a café, a little girl suddenly came into the room and smiled very heartely to me. That changed my day completely. I didn´t know her or her name, but I called her «Little Ida». However, she became significantly and hugely important to me.

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Little Ida

Free your thought, let it soar in the air – no disruption from the menace lurking in the shadows
Still, your thought is each moment's restraint
Little Ida will sit next to you – all your fears she will softly undo

It is yours – let it sail boundlessly – heart will nourish from her whisper spreading in the moonbeam
Little harebells fly low on a kite
Close your eyelids so early this night – lungs' desire, your breath to delight

Who might steal the beloved one from you – surely death has been waiting for the final statement
Who knows what will wait for you there
Don't panic – your head will be clear – though your body is drenched in fear

When the twilight is hunting you down – and you're crouching forever in the wild tornados
You may send all your worries my way
We will fight all the demons that slay

Or just simply; face the day

Flint Juventino Beppe (1994)

Published April 7, 2013

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