The Holy Bigotry

– A film narrative by Flint Juventino Beppe

Once upon a time, long before human beings began circling around selfishness and power-madness, no bigotry existed; there was no moral frenzy and no discrimination between people.

Food, clothes, goods and sex were exchanged for some kind of value, and people accepted each other without judgement.

Neither religion nor bigoted politics was invented to twist man's mind or to preach certain credos.

An obvious part of each day and life was to respect personal freedom; no "truth" came in their way.

However, some people began to whisper malicious words, and soon slander became a means to disparage others.

The desire for power, wealth and control was eating its way out.

The anxiety, jealousy and uncertainty these misguided people felt about others paved the way for man-made religion and bigoted politics.

Due to widespread illiteracy and low integrity, religion and prejudiced dogmas were easy to promote.

This crusade quickly gained momentum, since playing on a weak soul's consciousness, fear and naivety was an efficient mechanism.

Fanaticism was established, and people were drawn in.

The innocence of a new-born's mind persisted only a few years before it was corrupted by the new "truth" about life: religion.

This "truth" was built on a fusion between euphoric fantasy, intimidation and salvation - the classic underpinning of any religion.

Eventually, religious and bigoted societies were firmly established, and the authors of the religious scripts also became zealots in private.

The feeling of having a god speaking through them created the zealot's euphoria, and they began to add more details to the so-called holy scripts, in order to satisfy their personal agendas.

They invented rules about what was right and wrong in order to remain a devout believer and to secure a place in paradise.

Homosexuality and pre-marital sex now became sinful activities, and the list of bigoted decrees grew longer, affecting innumerable lives.

Executions, torture and other forms of punishment became part of the holy scripts.

The holy scripts sprouted throughout the world and took different shapes. They caused several wars over the centuries and millions of young and old people were sacrificed in the name of their god.

And all of this happened just because of some fabricated words in a few human-made books, cleverly published world-wide as holy scripts.

Based on available historical information it should be easy to avoid future religious and political bigotry, and instead facilitate people to follow their dreams and realise their lifestyle without moralising hinders from zealots.

However, moralising madness, phobias, myths and discrimination still thrive around the world: homophobia, misogyny and xenophobia are kept strong.

Gay people, transgendered and sex workers are only a few examples of groups who meet disrespect for the their sexual orientation or choice of work.

The composition «Warning Zero» is respectfully dedicated to personal freedom, and might be seen as a warning against bigotry.

Until bigotry is eliminated, «Warning Zero» will play in loop continuously and detonate every time bigotry crosses its path.

Hence, the fight will probably go on as long as there is human life.

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– Religion will continue to be a source of paranoia, bigotry, moralism, wars and terrorism as long as there are people left,
and that saddens me greatly.