FJB 150 | Signed Rarities

- I wish to handle the few copies 
that are left of the 1st editions
Flint Juventino Beppe

For a limited period only: first edition items for sale

For the price of EUR 150 you can be the exclusive owner of a unique FJB release.

Only a few manufactured copies still exist, and these rare items will never be reprinted in their present design since they carry the composer's former name. Due to these special attributes, the collector's value might rise in the future.

Composer Flint Juventino Beppe has for a long time stored the last first edition items in a vault. However, the last few copies are now for sale – but only through one channel: directly handled and signed by the composer himself.

If you are looking for gifts out of the ordinary for yourself, your friends or family; look no further!

What's the deal?

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    Buy FJB 150 No.1 «Stille, Stille» (CD)

    Buy FJB 150 No.2 «Muligens» (CD)

    Buy FJB 150 No.3 «Den Store Slurvebingen» (CD)

    Buy FJB 150 No.4 «Pictures before an Exhibition» (CD)

    Buy FJB 150 No.5 «Montagna con Forza» (DVD & CD)