Captured in a Gaze | Digging Deeper

A girl finds herself caught between dream and reality as she starts to communicate with a portrait on the wall.

Director´s Statement

Creativity and loneliness are central elements in the short film Captured in a Gaze.

A girl has a lot of inspired ideas, but she does not gain acceptance from her peers. Her feeling of not fitting in makes her withdraw into an imaginary world.

She finds consolation in an old portrait hanging on the wall, and she starts communicating with it. Finally, she finds a channel to process the creativity through a unique means of communication.

In many ways, the girl mirrors my own experience of being very creative and feeling different in a conformist society. I believe it is imperative to never let go of creativity no matter how much resistance you meet. Preserve the idea despite any challenge.

The idea might be life-changing.

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Cat. No. FJB VOD 1504

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Running time: 9 minutes. Cinema release: 2007. VOD release: 2015. Featuring Kristine Mari Jansen Dyrnes.

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