Remote Galaxy

Cat. No. 2L-100-PABD | 2L-100-LP

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Can the dualism of life, nature and art be expressed in pure music?

This is the question the multi-talented composer Flint Juventino Beppe – formerly known as Fred Jonny Berg – has set out to answer. The album Remote Galaxy is a journey in time and space, a journey given meaning by the album's music and philosophy. The music is uncompromisingly honest, with a genuine power of its own. Using well-known acoustic technology, the composer takes us to some unusual and, for most of us, unknown places.

Remote Galaxy continues the journey of 2L's Grammy nominated album Flute Mystery, and again the Philharmonia Orchestra is conducted by Vladimir Ashkenazy to interpret these adventurous scores. The composer's deep spiritual interest in nature, philosophy and space is as central in the universe of Remote Galaxy as it was in Flute Mystery. Beppe's music leaves a unique fingerprint in the artistic world: there is quite simply nothing like it.

Further details & curiosities

Nominated for a Grammy Award 2015 in the category «Best surround sound album».

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Format: FJB 50 | Pure Audio Blu-ray, Digital Album, Pure Audio Blu-ray, Vinyl, FJB 50

Type: Orchestral music

Released: 2013

Credit: Philharmonia Orchestra & Vladimir Ashkenazy


Emily Beynon, flute

Mark van de Wiel, clarinet

Ralph Rousseau, viola da gamba

Philharmonia Orchestra / Vladimir Ashkenazy

Track listing:

01 Remote Galaxy Op.81 18:33
02 Distant Words Op.43b: I. Typhoon at Heart 10:23
03 Distant Words Op.43b: II. Healed by Red Wind 05:37
04 Lost in September Op.17 09:11
05 Tightrope walking beneath heaven Op.32 No.8 03:51
06 Flute Concerto No.2 Op.80: I. Alarm 07:09
07 Flute Concerto No.2 Op.80: II. Deepest Woods 05:30
08 Flute Concerto No.2 Op.80: III. Escaping Time Power 05:28
09 Flute Concerto No.2 Op.80: IV. Mrala 05:01