The FJB Fingerprint
is a publishing label and trademark owned by Flint Juventino Beppe.

The FJB Fingerprint has the exclusive rights to provide all sheet music, and non-exclusive rights to provide audio-visual releases, by composer Flint Juventino Beppe worldwide.

Other services include among others consulting.

Beppe´s company is registered in Berlin, Germany:

Steuernummer: 24/224/00609
IdNr. 48 601 359 750
USt-IdNr. DE291971092

The board of The FJB Fingerprint consists of Randi Karlsen and Flint Juventino Beppe.

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- It is really as simple as it is complicated - I breathe in what life has to offer, and breathe out what I have to offer life.
I have given up trying to grasp what actually happens in the process from impression to expression.

I call the art I make "fingerprints", because they do represent my musical or artistic version of the impressions I have inhaled. I see these fingerprints as my lifesavers because they help me articulate what I experience, and they relieve some of my inner pressure. These musical fingerprints are also based on my underlying wish for universal and personal freedom for every living creature on this earth. 

I have chosen to publish all works worldwide at exclusively: this is the only place to get hold of sheet music (the instrumental parts) from my hand. As freelancer (and perfectionist), I like to have full control, and I also think it is interesting to work this way.

Flint Juventino Beppe