The changes concern typographical matters only: no audible alterations will be made to the music.

Major font update

The process will take several months to accomplish.
Flint Juventino Beppe and The FJB Fingerprint are currently updating the entire body of sheet music using carefully selected fonts, which Beppe has chosen due to their typographical characteristics and general layout.

The new fonts have a distinct style that combines aesthetical and functional properties: the note symbols, texts fonts and lyrics fonts have been carefully assembled to fit well together and optimise the readability for the user.

The changes concern typographical matters only: no audible alterations will be made to the music, which will stay exactly the same as before.

This is a demanding process, since all works have to be checked thoroughly and in great detail.
The process will take several months to accomplish, but The FJB Fingerprint will publish new versions continuously on this news page.

Check out for yourself – all scores are available for free!

Major font update from The FJB Fingerprint

The first works ready with the new layout are:

«Distant Words» Op.43b
«Through Saltdal» Op.73
«The Idea» Op.74
«Prelude for the souls» Op.38
«Ave» Op.63
«Heart» Op.27 No.5
«Über der Wiese schwebend» Op.88
«Flute Mystery» Op.66a
«Flute Mystery» Op.66b
«Headache» Op.13
«Modo Dixisti» Op.14
«Time for Magic Emotions» Op.9
«Pastorale» Op.32 No.1
«Tightrope walking beneath heaven» Op.32 No.8
«Lyric Pieces» Op.32
«Lying on a Ledge» Op.29a
«Daughter of Deepest Woods» Op.80b
«Pizzicato Cave» Op.21
«Lonely Fryshild» Op.6
«A Piccolo Poem» Op.72
«Fantasy» Op.67

Facsimile from «Über der Wiese schwebend» Op.88 in the new font system:


Yuppik (left) is the name of a dog that made a deep impression on Flint Juventino Beppe. He dedicated «Lonely Fryshild» Op.6 to Yuppik. Later, Beppe dedicated a symphonic poem to a dog named Lady Bessie (right), «Lost in September» Op.17

Published February 7, 2017

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